President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias has said that the destruction of Cyprus’ cultural heritage constitutes a crime committed as a result of another crime, the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus.

Speaking during a lunch hosted in his honour by Greeks and Cypriots living in Melbourne, President Christofias told them that “your voice is our voice as well, we struggle in the international arena and you struggle where you live to convince the international community about the just cause of our people, so that the UN and the Europeans understand that the problem of Cyprus constitutes a shame for them and the whole humanity because all fundamental principles established after two Worlds Wars are violated.”

“We struggle based on principles and we will continue to do so until the end,” President Christofias said, adding that “the destruction of our cultural heritage is a crime constituted after another crime,” adding that this heritage belongs not only to Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots but to Europe and all humanity.

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