Explosive cracker incidents in Cyprus resulted in a 10 year old boy from Limassol losing his index finger. In another incident a boy lost his eye. Also a 43 year old man from Nicosia was injured when an explosive was thrown into the outside congregation of a church in Pervolia, Larnaca.

The Island of Rhodes was shocked when two men 30 and 39 years old respectively were killed by an explosive device that they were preparing for the celebration of the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday . Members of the community were in major shock when they saw the dismembered bodies.

A common practice at Easter is Lampratzia. In the old days they  lit to burn a Judas effigy at Easter. In Cyprus this tradition, like many traditions, was misinterpreted by some in order to give them the right to burn everything. Explosives are usually used to light them.

Its a major problem in both Cyprus and Greece that these cracker explosives are also regularly used at major events and as a result lots of accidents.

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