SOUTHGATE Town Hall could become Enfield’s third free school after a group of Conservative politicians announced they are to apply for government backing to open a new primary.
Henry Lamprecht, the deputy leader of Enfield’s Conservative group, said he would be holding a preliminary meeting with residents next week to gauge whether there is public support for a free school at the old town hall in Broomfield Lane, Palmers Green.
The bid, which has the backing of Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes, will need to be submitted to the Department For Education by June 1 if the school is to open in September 2012.
Under legislation passed last summer, religious groups, parents or other parties are able to open state-funded schools that are free from local authority control. Once bids are submitted, education officials will decide whether to give applications the green light.
Government approval has already been given to Woodpecker Hall Primary Academy, which will open in Edmonton in September. Schoolteacher Karen Chitiyo is heading a steering group which is set to submit a bid for another new primary school in Enfield Highway or Enfield Lock, which could open in September 2012.
Mr Lamprecht said: “This is something we have had in mind for a long time. This area has problems with the high demand for school places. The town hall is standing empty and costing the council money so this is the perfect solution.
“The school would be a community primary – not necessarily with any particular religious ethos. We really need to get working on this because the deadline is coming up and there is
a lot to do.”
When details of next week’s meeting are finalised they will be posted at www.david

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