Cyprus Airways will be unveiling a new look schedule that includes new destinations as well as new Mediterranean interconnectivity. The airline estimates that it will be operating its Summer flight schedule from May, ramping up into the Summer months with its fresh inventory, as part of the travel recovery.

Cyprus Airways was awarded for its efforts to enrich local tourism during the last Cyprus Tourism Awards. Despite COVID-19 impacting almost every national airline, Cyprus Airways has continued to fly uninterrupted and has provided essential repatriation services as well as schedule and charter flights.

The company has been at pains to protect its valuable workforce, and has used the most severe periods of the pandemic for strategic planning, capacity-building, training and upskilling of the team, while continuing to operate essential flights.

It is understood that some restructuring has taken place focused on strict cost-control, and that some management changes are in the pipeline. It is expected that the airline will expand its number of destinations in the anticipated upcoming announcement.

A pioneer in the Cypriot travel industry, Cyprus Airways is the national carrier brand and has its operating base at Larnaca International Airport. Cyprus Airways is appreciative of the international effort to make travel easier, coordinated, and safe with initiatives like the digital green certificate that would allow EU citizens who have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from Covid-19 to travel more freely within the EU.

When approached for a comment, George Mavrocostas Chief Operations Officer of Cyprus Airways, said: “We understand our importance to the local economy and are proud of the fact that while most countries have left their planes on the ground we continued to fly and serve the nation. The upcoming announcement on our Summer schedule and expanded destinations will give comfort to the many stakeholders in the Cyprus hospitality industry and we look forward to playing our role in supporting tourism moving forward as we have always done.”

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