Twenty-five new SARS-CoV-2 cases were announced on Friday out of a total of 1,850 laboratory tests, bringing the total number of cases since the outbreak to 1,114.

According to the Ministry of Health, the cases were found as follows: one case in 676 samples through private initiative; one case in 129 samples in the framework of testing 10,000 workers who went back to work during the second and third phase of relaxing the restrictions; one case in 796 samples in the framework of testing passengers and repatriated persons; two cases in 42 samples through the programme for referrals from personal doctors and special groups screening through public health centres; 20 cases in 123 samples from contact tracing of existing cases.

Furthermore, other laboratory tests were carried out with no cases detected.

Meanwhile, seven patients are being treated at the Famagusta General Hospital – the reference hospital – one of which is in intensive care. The condition of the other six patients is stable.

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