Haringey Council has agreed to extend its Council Tax Reduction Scheme into 2020/2021.
Continuation of the scheme for some of Haringey’s lowest-income families was approved following a vote of Full Council last night.
Previously, working age claimants with children could only receive up to an 80.2% reduction on their council tax, but in April 2019 changes were introduced, meaning the maximum level of support for these families was extended to 100% – the same as for pensioners and those on prescribed disability benefits.
The scheme, supporting 5,600 working age-families this year, will now continue into the 2020/2021 financial year, which begins on April 1.
Read the Full Council report here: http://www.minutes.haringey.gov.uk/documents/s112726/CTRS%20202021%20-%20Full%20Council%20report%20FINAL%20v4.pdf

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