Greek police confirmed Wednesday that a body found at the bottom of a ravine at the Aegean island of Ikaria belongs to the British scientist who went missing while on holiday.

The ravine is located near the rented rooms where the woman was staying with her 38-year-old boyfriend. No further details were provided by police.

The 34-year-old Cyprus-based astrophysicist Natalie Christopher was reported missing after noon Monday, when her boyfriend told police she had gone jogging in Kerame.

The couple had been spending vacation time on the Greek island since August 3 and they were scheduled to fly back to Cyprus on Monday afternoon.

Crime detectives, who joined the search on Tuesday according to Hellenic Police, were said to have found blood stains that were initially described as nosebleed on Natalie’s pillow.

Police also found blood-stained tissue paper in the bathroom, while Natalie’s boyfriend reportedly said her nose had been bleeding.

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