We cant comprehend that ruling DISY President Averof Neophytou and the government in general don’t understand the very content of the bill they are celebrating and triumphant about.

The Menendez-Rubio bill includes Cyprus in the US plans to counter not only the influence of Russia in our region and transform Cyprus into an instrument of confrontation in line with this logic.

Furthermore, even the provision for a lifting of the unfair and unacceptable embargo of the Americans on the sale of arms to Cyprus, is part of the logic to address Russian influence in Cyprus and the surrounding area.

AKEL has never had a problem with the upgrading of Cyprus’ relations with the US, provided that this wouldn’t be done to the detriment of our country’s interests and doesn’t transform Cyprus into an advanced outpost serving criminal interests.

This bill, by incorporating Cyprus into the foreign policy goals of the US in our region, harms our country’s vital interests and creates dangers.

The government ruling forces on every opportunity are claiming that our foreign policy is and must remain balanced. They often declare that the Russian Federation is a very important partner in every respect. Quite naturally the following question arises for the government: How can they be celebrating about this bill when it reverses the balanced policy which the government claims it is pursuing, negatively affecting Cyprus’ relations with the Russian Federation?

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