Pictured Eve Polycarpou with Louis de Bernjeres author of Captain Corellis Mandolin

Parikiaki catches up with one of our leading actors, Eve Polycarpou…

P: So what brings you to Kingston upon Thames?
E: I’m playing the role of Drosoula in a new stage adaptation of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin at the lovely Rose Theatre

P: Your audition was an interesting experience we understand?
E: It was. Director Melly Still and adaptor Rona Munro, who are very open and fluid in the way they work, were happy for me to sing at the audition. I sang O Kaimos by Theodorakis and when I finished, I noticed everybody in the room was crying.

P: That must have clinched the role for you?
E: I suppose so but I was really keen and excited to be involved as I thought the script captured the essence of Louis de Bernières’s book…not an easy thing to do

P: How about fellow Greeks involved in the production?
E: I’m pleased to say there is a whole meze of involvement! Mayou Trikerioti has designed an amazing set, a couple of the cast are half Greek Cypriot and George Siena created some wonderful flowing movements which add a lot to the show.

P: Your musical input in the show seems to be a key element. How did that come about?
E: The whole rehearsal period was great and working closely with composer and Musical Director Harry Blake was a total joy. His original material, his choice of covers and sometimes just jamming together to see what else we might discover for the production.

P: Seems like you’ve collared the market in playing the Yiayia? (She was recently seen in Strictly Ballroom (West End), Sunset at Villa Thalia (National Theatre) and In the Heights (Southwark and Kings Cross)
E: Banayia mou I know it’s so funny! It’s easy to forget how quickly the years catch up on us but I’m loving playing these roles, so varied and each one a real character.

P: So where does the show go from here?
E: When we finish in Kingston (12 May) we head to Bath, then Newcastle, Birmingham and Edinburgh, ending in Glasgow at the end of June.

P: Galon dakthithi je galin diki.
E: Efkaristo!

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