Following a theatrical run in the US, the historical film Cliffs of Freedom is making its way internationally with a theatrical release in Greece and Cyprus. Based on historical events, the story is a timeless adventure of bravery and sacrifice between a Greek village girl and a Turkish Ottoman Colonel during the dawn of the Greek War for Independence in 1821.
The musical score was composed by critically acclaimed composer George Kallis who in the last few years has come into public consciousness winning two major awards, the International Film Music Critics Association for Breakthrough Composer of the Year and the Jerry Goldsmith Award for best feature score for Disney’s ‘The Last Warrior.
Kallis, was able to bring his heritage musically to the screen by returning to his roots using Greek instruments and rhythms within the orchestra.“After reading the script I was immediately inspired to compose music that is derived from our Greek history but also kept the orchestral template of the old-fashioned melodramatic scores of Hollywood”. The composer uses instruments such as clarinet, lute, cretan lyra, vocals, and rhythms such as Zeimbekiko and Syrto. The soundtrack ends gloriously with the only use of the bouzouki at the very last moments of the film.

Film Music Critics such as Jon Broxton say: “Cliffs of Freedom is…a truly outstanding piece of music.The orchestral forces are bold and impressive, the ethnic instruments and vocal stylings are appropriate and give the score more than a dash of local color, and the thematic density of the score is tremendously impressive.”

The soundtrack was released by Aegean Entertainment and includes the title song ‘I’ll Wait For You’, performed by Ariana George and it’s written by George Kallis and the film’s creator and executive producer Marianne Metropoulos. It is available in all major online music stores, and music collectors can also purchase the CD which contains further details about the production.

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