A rapist devil worshipper is moaning that he is being discriminated against in jail for his “religious” beliefs.

Pedro Evangelou, 44, says he is being harassed by fellow prisoners about his beliefs and satanic tattoos.

He was caged for nine years in 2017 for raping a teen clubber in his flat – which he had turned into a shrine to evil.

According to the Daily Mirror A prison source said: “He stands out like a sore thumb with an upside down pentagram tattoo on his forehead. It’s made him a target.

“Rapists are generally the lowest of the low in the prison, but add in a person who believes in ritual magic and pretending to be evil and it creates problems with other prisoners just trying to get on with serving their sentence.
Pedro Evangelou
Evangelou has been pictured wearing a satanic inverted cross and skull necklace e

“Other prisoners don’t want to deal with his spouting nonsense about Satan. But he’s been complaining he’s being treated unfairly because of his beliefs and appearance.”

The upside-down pentagram is a sign of evil. Similarly, Evangelou has been pictured wear-ing a satanic inverted cross and skull necklace.

Devil worship has existed in Britain for centuries and 1,893 Satanists were counted in the 2011 census.

The ‘devil-worshipper’ who raped a woman after he locked her in his flat has been sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Pedro Evangelou, 42 (8.04.74) from Islington, was found guilty of rape and sexual assault after a trial in November.

Evangelou was sentenced on Friday, 20 January to nine years’ imprisonment for rape and one-year in prison for sexual assault. The sentences will run concurrently.

Evangelou met the 19-year-old victim at the Slimelight nightclub in Angel on 4 June 2016.

He had taken two crash helmets to the club that night and later told police that was “in case he met someone.”

At 06:00hrs the next morning, Evangelou gave the victim a ride back to his home address on his Harley Davidson motorbike.

Evangelou, who describes himself as a Luciferian, has a room in his flat devoted to Satan.

Once back at the flat, the victim was raped and sexually assaulted by Evangelou.

To prevent her from escaping, Evangelou put a plank of wood across a door to lock it.

The woman managed to get to a window and mouth ‘help’ and ‘phone police’ and a member of the public saw her.

The member of the public then phoned the police and officers were dispatched immediately.

The victim managed to escape shortly afterwards and ran out into the street, visibly shaking and upset.

Passing members of the public came to her aid and she told them she had been raped. Officers attended shortly afterwards, worked quickly to establish the chain of events and support the victim.

Evangelou was arrested at the scene. He claimed throughout his interview, and the trial, that the sexual activity was consensual.

Detective Constable Stuart Douglas, of the Met’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, said: “The victim in this case was subjected to a prolonged and harrowing sexual assault. Her distress was obvious to those members of the public who saw her as she was able to flee the suspect’s home address. Through their quick actions, police were able to arrive on scene in minutes to help the victim and apprehend Evangelou.

“I am grateful for the assistance of those members of the public for coming forward and supporting the police, and most importantly, the victim.”

Detective Inspector Neil Rawlinson, said: “I’d like to reassure the public that assaults like this are rare but when they do occur, we stop at nothing to bring the offenders to justice. I would encourage anyone who has been assaulted by Evangelou or anyone else to contact the police in the knowledge that they will be listened to and not judged. We have excellent links with support services to help people get through the trauma of these experiences.”

The jury was unable to reach a verdict on further charges of rape and sexual assault and these two counts will lie on file

The Prison Service said it had no record of a formal complaint of harassment or violence made by Evangelou, who is held in a London jail.

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