It’s the festive party season when people seem to be in the party spirit, rolling from one party to another, celebrating here, there and everywhere. But before you go and indulge in all the mince pies at every party event, remember we are supposed to “Eat to live” and not “Live to Eat”, so without being a killjoy, there is no need for gluttony, it simply means being sensible with what you choose to eat, and if you have a slow metabolism, then try and work on stepping it up to work faster in order to enjoy eating more, without guilt or hesitation.

It is a known fact that eating something regularly every two and a half to three hours, even a piece of fruit between proper main meals, will help maintain the body’s blood sugar at a level pace. It also stops the body from thinking it is going into famine if not having eaten for a long period of time and then taking itself into slowing the metabolism down in order to work slower, nature’s clever way of preservation, should we be stranded without food for some time.

The best way to get the metabolism working faster is with some regular exercise, so if the music is on at any of these parties, make sure you are dancing, if not, whenever you can, get some physical activity going.

Step it up a little more if you already do some exercise. This will help increase it to work even faster. If training using weights, that will increase muscle tone. Muscle weighs more than fat and will need more food intake to maintain it, so that’s a bonus in itself to want you to get started.

Eat well but eat natural, wholesome and healthy as much as possible. This way the body converts everything naturally without effort. You will find it is easy to maintain weight, without struggling or trying to count calories. Let’s face it, we all have better things to do than having to concentrate on such tedious tasks.

Do it nature’s way. Make and bake as much as you can so you know what goes into your meals rather than eating processed packaged food with all the unnecessary added sugars, fats and additives.

Eat lean meats without the fat as much as possible. Eat your potatoes, pastas and breads if you want but don’t add lashings of butter and fats. Use olive oil as much as possible instead. This is an alternative that is also good for you.

Include some oily fish like salmon or mackerel, eat beans, pulses and nuts, cooked in a way without added bad fats and sugars and eat lots of fruit and veg.

Drink what you like but balance and compromise. So if you add mixers to alcohol, at least make the mixers sugar free.

If you really want to be healthy, think twice, take control and remember balance and moderation.

Now get that party started!


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x

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