easyStorage today announced the opening of a new storage facility covering the Hemel Hempstead and St Albans area for individuals and companies looking for safe and secure storage solutions at a competitive price.

Storage is increasingly in demand in the UK for several reasons. More families are living in smaller new-build rented accommodation, divorce rates remain high and younger generations are seeking flexible lifestyles, all leading to an increase in demand for storage space.

But while the demand for storage has increased, 88% of people expect it to be cheaper than it actually costs*. easyStorage, part of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s easy family of brands is set to change that, offering cheaper storage for all.

Tim Slesinger, CEO said,
“Two years ago a friend asked me to help her move into self-storage. It took three back-breaking trips in her car and after the introductory price was over, she ended up paying more each month than her mortgage!”

Tim, who previously built a global document storage business, OSG Records Management, took his idea to easyJet founder Sir Stelios and easyStorage was born.

Tim continued,
“In the same way that easyJet lowered the cost of flying, easyStorage is lowering the cost of storage. We aim to be 40-50% cheaper than traditional big storage companies and offer free collection. We achieve this with specially designed easyPods that fit in the van collecting goods from a customer’s home, which then are stacked on top of each other. By stacking our pods, easyStorage is able to “pile it high” without wasting valuable real estate. With better space utilisation, we’re able to store more in each depot facility and pass the savings we make onto our customers.”

As well as offering cheaper prices, easyStorage will utilise technology to bring the storage sector into the 21st century. In addition to having goods collected, customers will be able to manage their accounts online, uploading photos and descriptions of every pod’s contents. This inventory process makes it easy to select a particular box for return to the customer, which can then be booked for a preferred date and time. The system operates in reverse so when a box needs to be sent back to the depot, customers simply pick a date and time online and easyStorage will arrange the pick up.

Stelios added
“The storage industry has been slow to innovate and have been charging rip-off prices for too long. easyStorage will offer consumers a much needed cheaper, more transparent and more convenient option.”

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