How old do you feel today? Do you feel young or old? Many of us say: “I feel young at heart” or “I feel old”, but in reality we go by what we assume or have been programmed to believe we are meant to feel at a particular age.

Forget the age statistics of how you should be feeling in your twenties, thirties, forties etc. Everyone is different and I know I could still give many twenty year olds a run for their money. I can still dance for five hours on a dance floor like I did in my teens along with many other activities that I enjoy doing. Finding your physical passion for life helps; it creates the endorphins in your body, giving you a natural ecstatic high feeling, then followed by that positive outlook on life.

Seeing the glass as half full is important, seeing that you can always top it right back up is even better, I recall a close friend telling me. It seemed so true. It made me smile and made things look even brighter. Never give up hope completely, no matter what life throws at you. See everything as a challenge, a lesson in order to learn and progress.

There are many elderly that act and feel young and many young people that feel older due to poor health or just the general outlook towards life may be so negative that it becomes destructive – giving up before even starting. There are many who are of different age and less fortunate physically but still know how to just be and do what others may not dare. It is all within the power of the mind.

The physical and psychological work together and can make all the difference to quality of life. Being the best you can possibly be physically can create a positive youthful attitude that will glow and reflect outwardly with vibrant energetic sparkle that others attract magnetically towards. You don’t need to recapture your youth. You need to live in the present age with a youthful mind set. Every age has its own beauty. I know a number of people who are in their eighties, they eat healthy, have alcohol in moderation, keep fit by doing the things they enjoy, some go to the gym or have some other sporting activity they like. Some who don’t need to work, simply do it for the sheer pleasure and just to keep their mind active and have purpose. They are the perfect example – with such a zest for living and life itself. Living on their own, they still make the effort to look after themselves in so many ways with eating well, looking after their personal appearance and being fun to be around with their zany up to date humour. This does not mean they don’t have ailments. They do have ailments like many younger and older people, however the difference is the approach and attitude towards them. They do the best they can do to alleviate the disorder but do not use it as an excuse or setback. Using this positive mental attitude towards everything you do helps to maximise quality of life.

So following this perfect example from the people that seem to have and hold eternal youth mentally, what did it seem to be that they all had? It appeared they all had balance with positivity, hope and faith within themselves to that of what they held naturally. Keeping close with what nature provided on earth for healthy living and lifestyle. They also knew how to listen to their own body and switch off when necessary to relax and unwind. They used the wisdom and knowledge to utilise all and do the things they desire in moderation so they do not miss out. They ate well, slept well and enjoyed life well. Sounds simple enough but putting it into action?

Life is for living. Despite all the doom and gloom that may step in the way at times, push it to the side. Don’t stop doing the things you love. Surround yourself with positive people that you admire and respect. It will help create positivity within you to work out a solution. It helps and enables us to let go and move on to the next youthful attitude and phase. Live – Laugh – Love!


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x




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