The Cyprus Peace Council (CPC) denounces the conduct of a military exercise between the Republic of Cyprus and Israel, which is underway currently and ends on 7th December. These exercises are taking place within the FIR and a large part of the land area of Cyprus as part of the annual military cooperation program between the two countries.
The CPC considers that such military exercises are part of the wider imperialist plans in our region, which is oppressed by NATO and its European member countries. We say yes to regional cooperation with the peoples, but not on the basis of military cooperation, which has nothing to offer to their prosperity, but only undermines it.
Israeli’s expansionist criminal policy towards the friendly Palestinian people, who have been under occupation for 50 years, but also more widely against many peoples in our region, is well-known and condemnable. The Anastasiades government, through the military co-operation forged between Cyprus and Israel, is sending out erroneous messages to a number of neighbouring friendly countries in the Arab world with whom Cyprus has had excellent relations over the years.
The Anastasiades government bears a heavy responsibility for Cyprus’ involvement in the imperialist plans that are generating instability in the region and for moving away from the longstanding goal of the demilitarization of Cyprus. We once more urge the Anastasiades government to revoke and put an end to the dangerous military agreements and partnerships. We also call on the government to revoke its decision for Cyprus’ accession to the pillar of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), which acts as a branch of NATO.
Peace is not founded on military operations and the militarization of international relations, no matter what pretexts might be used. Instead of the government focusing on the solution of the Cyprus problem with peaceful means through the procedure of the talks, whilst simultaneously seeking the demilitarization of Cyprus, the government is misleading the people by declaring that by Cyprus’ further engagement in military co-operations and exercises it can bolster its security.
We call upon the entire Cypriot people to denounce the Cyprus-Israel military cooperation, as well as other military agreements and co-operations.

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