The Conservative Friends of Cyprus look forward to a successful negotiation at the talks in Switzerland, Matthew Offord, member of the British Parliament and of the Conservative Friends of Cyprus, said on Thursday.

Offord leads a delegation of the Conservative Friends of Cyprus that pays a three-day visit to the island.

On Thursday, the delegation had separate meetings with the Acting President of the Republic, President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris and the Parliamentary Committees on Refugees and on Foreign and European Affairs.

During the meeting, Syllouris referred to the negotiation process currently under way in Switzerland and the wider effort to solve the Cyprus problem, an official press release said.

The two sides also discussed UK`s exit from the European Union and ways of avoiding an impact on Cyprus-UK relations. The House President stressed that practical measures must be taken in time and in all sectors, particularly in trade, tourism and education.

They also exchanged views on the developments in the wider region of the Middle East.

“This is a very important time for the island and we look forward to a successful negotiation at the talks in Switzerland. What those talks may achieve we don`t know, but we know that this is the time for something positive to happen,” Offord told the press after the meetings.

“We certainly want to see a just solution, a solution that is appropriate for the whole of the island and we certainly want to see a solution that is acceptable to everyone in Europe and not just those that live upon the island” he stressed.

“This is a very hopeful moment and we remain optimistic that a conclusion is successfully negotiated, because that would be the real future for the island of Cyprus and for the people,” he said.

Besides Matthew Offord, the delegation comprises Baroness Elizabeth Marie Redfern, member of the House of Lords and MPs Martin Vickers, Mark Andrew Menzies and David Thomas Morris and Sheryll Murray, members of the House of Commons.

Also former MP Nick De Bois and the Executive Members of the Board of the Conservative Friends of Cyprus from the Cypriot Diaspora in UK Jason Charalambous (Chairman), André Christodoulou, Maria Zavros, Stefanos Ioannou and Antonis Savvides (Members).

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