Andri Constantinou from Palmers Green, North London, will be leading a truly life-changing programme to help communities in poverty in Nicaragua, Central America.

For 6 months, starting in February 2017, Andri Constantinou will officially hold the title of Team Leader on behalf of the charity Raleigh International.

Previous to this project, Andri has attained a First Class Honours degree in International Business and Spanish from Aston University, and has successfully held the role of Strategic Programme Manager at a global consultancy firm. Andri now believes it is time to combine her Spanish with her strategic planning and management skills to benefit those who have been less fortunate than her.

Andri will be working for Raleigh International to complete a programme with International Citizen Service (ICS), which focuses on improving the wellbeing of rural communities situated within one of Central America’s most underdeveloped countries, Nicaragua. Specifically, Andri will be helping these communities gain access to clean water, and improve hygiene and sanitation. Overall, Andri hopes that the work she oversees will help to build a sustainable environment for the rural communities to prosper.

She told Parikiaki, “The projects I will be taking part in on behalf of Raleigh International are close to my heart, as I believe it is a human right to have access to clean water and possess basic knowledge around sanitation which will help to easily avoid some very harmful and life threatening conditions.”

Although Andri is a determined character, she will need some help to raise money for Raleigh International before she can embark on her journey. Andri needs to raise a minimum of £800, and the donations will contribute to the local communities she will be helping. So far she has managed to raise most of that money, but to boost the last bit of fundraising, she is kindly asking her local Greek Cypriot community to donate and show their support.

If you would like to support this cause with a donation, you can:


  • Text ‘ICSA92 £10’ to 70070 and follow the link you are sent to complete the donation (you can change how much you would like to donate)
  • Email Andri at to find out if there is another way you can get involved to support her fundraising

We kindly ask that if you would like to show your support, either through a donation or otherwise, to get in contact with Andri using one of the methods mentioned above. Please use your voice to help bring young communities together from different countries to fight poverty!


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