Two men in their fifties, a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot, were brutally beaten in Limassol’s seafront area while another 31-year-old man was struck in the head outside a night club.

Police arrested two Romanian men, aged 37 and 33, in connection with an attack on Sunday night, where a 52-year-old Greek Cypriot and a 53-year-old Turkish Cypriot were savagely beaten in the town’s seafront.

The two victims sustained serious injuries, with the 52-year-old suffering a collapsed lung, head trauma, and a subdural hematoma with collection of blood outside the brain. The 53-year-old sustained a head trauma, a ruptured blood vessel, and many bruises.

The victims were taken to the Emergency Room at Limassol General where medical staff ordered they remain for treatment.

Police spotted the Romanian suspects about 100 metres from the scene of the attack. The 33-year-old was holding a metal rod, according to police, while the older suspect had a wooden bat in his possession. They also fitted the description given by their victims.

In another case, a 31-year-old man was also taken to the ER after a boys night out at a Limassol club ended very badly, with a number of young male suspects still at large.

The man went to a club on Glastonos Street with his friends on Saturday night, where they had an argument with younger club patrons.

The security guards told the men to take it outside and at that point the two groups signalled they were ready to settle their differences.

But when the 31-year-old got in his car and attempted to leave the area, the young men stood in front of his vehicle and started kicking it with their feet and slamming their hands on the hood.

When the driver put in reverse, his car struck the pavement and went over some steel poles.

As he tried to flee the scene, one of the young attackers grabbed a steel pole and hit the man in the face, leaving him unconscious in a pool of blood.
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