As crunch talks come to a conclusion in Switzerland, Greece and Turkey have got involved in the peace process by setting ground rules for a possible multi-party conference on security and guarantees.

If everything is agreed on territory – including detailed maps – then Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan are expected to engage in discussions on arranging a security summit.

As the two Cypriot leaders began on Monday the final round of crucial UN-brokered territory talks in Mont Pelerin, reports of a mini crisis were played down by the Greek Cypriot negotiating team.

Monday’s aim is to agree on the territory criteria in a federal Cyprus and set the date for a multi-party conference with the participation of the guarantors – Greece, Turkey and Britain.

But a mini crisis was reportedly sparked on Sunday between Greece and Turkey which still maintains 35,000 troops in the north.

“A Greek Cypriot insider has denied reports in the Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen that territory was not even discussed on Sunday,” daily Phileleftheros reported from Mont Pelerin on Monday.

“As well as that talks only focused on Greece’s position on the multi-party conference,” added Phileleftheros.

Turkish Cypriot sources say that Greece argues that it will only come to a five-party or multi-lateral conference if it is confirmed that the guarantees (intervention rights held by Britain, Greece and Turkey) are lifted, all Turkish troops are scheduled to leave and the calendar of this is shaped now.

Sources said that the Turkish Cypriot side rejects these preconditions for the five party conference and say the agreement was to agree on criteria and set the date.

Phileleftheros also said that the reported “mini crisis” is an attempt by some to create problems between Nicosia and Athens.

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