The current leadership of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) is committing a grave mistake with the replacement of the Party’s long-standing position in favour of a bizonal, bicommunal federal solution to the Cyprus problem, with the position in favour of a unitary state.

It is our belief that the abandonment of bizonal, bicommunal federation does not lead to a unitary state, but to partition which is catastrophic for Cyprus. In any case, how the future of Cyprus will be shaped is a matter of the Cypriots and they are the ones who will ultimately decide.

Some circles and forces in Cyprus who up until a short time ago were insulting the KKE on a daily basis have now belatedly become fond of it because of the change in its position on the Cyprus problem.

Regardless of the new position of the KKE, for us in AKEL it will forever be deeply rooted in our hearts as the Party of struggles for national independence, democracy and freedom of Greece, as the Party of social struggles for the progress and prosperity of the country and the people.


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