Eighty three Syrian refugees, among which 37 children, drifting in an ungoverned boat were towed into Latsi harbour, at the western-north coast of Cyprus, by the Republic`s marine police, early on Friday.

The boat believed to have come from Mersin, Turkey, was located off the coast of Kato Pyrgos on Thursday evening and according to information was left powerless after engine failure . It was towed to Latsi and by 7.30 am the occupants disembarked. Some of the refugees have been transferred to Polis Chrysochous police station for identification, while some children and their families were taken to Polis Chrysochous hospital for first aid. Among them is a pregnant woman.

Paphos Police Spokesperson Michalis Ioannou told CNA that all competent authorities provide every possible assistance to the refugees and that police are making investigations to find out who was the trafficker and who was steering the boat

In statements to CNA community council leader of Kato Pyrgos Costas Michaelides recalled that this is the fourth time in a period of three months that boats with migrants arrived to Cyprus and said that both the Police and the community council must be vigilant as more migrants are expected.

Civil Defence Spokesperson Olivia Michaelidou said that the refugees can be accommodated at Kokkinotrimithia reception centre and that members of the department have already provided them with food, weather, blankets, shoes and clothing.

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