We express our surprise about the fact that the government just a few weeks before local and municipal elections are due to take place, on the occasion of the reform of local self-government, is raising the issue of postponing the elections.
The reform of local government is long overdue because of the Government and the policy it is pursuing. It inherited from the previous government a comprehensive plan for the reform of local government. It dismantled this plan, going from one scenario to another that didn’t receive any support even from the ruling DISY party. Now the Government is raising the question of postponing the elections on the pretext and excuse of the reform.
AKEL does not agree postponing the elections. The elections must take place. The only case in which there is a possibility AKEL will discuss postponing the elections is if such dramatic developments occur in the negotiations of the Cyprus problem that will open up the prospect of the solution of the Cyprus problem in a short time. In that case for us the solution of the Cyprus problem will certainly take priority. But for the time being such conditions do not exist, even more so, the issue of the reform of local government cannot be used to postpone the elections. The elections must be held. This is the position of AKEL.

Statement by Stefanos Stephanou, AKEL C.C. Spokesperson

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