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Local mum launches Enfield’s first independent website Sophia’s Diary specialising in publicising activities for young children

Enfield’s first website that specialises in listing children’s activities and events will celebrate its first birthday in October. Enfield Mum Andrea Krase, designed Sophia’s Diary ( to make it easy, and encourage local mums to plan activities for Babies and Young Children. Playgroups and Classes are so crucial for Early Years Development as they promote socialising and play. They can also be a good support network for new mums too.

The aim of Sophia’s Diary was to design a one stop website with up-to-date information about children’s groups, places to go, events, and local services a mum may need around Enfield. Andrea has local knowledge and understands what her users want, being a local mum with 2 young children who has lived in Enfield all her life. This has contributed in building this popular site. Sophia’s Diary gained over 1200 Facebook likes in the first 10 months and the website has been visited by thousands of local mums.

Local mum Dem Pomakides says, “I started using Sophia’s Diary when I stopped working. I had no idea where or what was on. It has now become my go-to website for arranging my kid’s social life. I don’t have hours to spend searching, so having all the information I need on one page is fantastic. From activities, to party planning, this website has everything I need as a busy mum. It’s helped me immensely and I recommend it to any mum.”

Sophia’s Diary keeps in touch with users, making regular announcements and posts on Facebook. This is a live and active page where users can get in touch, respond to posts and ask questions too.


Helping Local Businesses

Andrea has identified and listed new and unique businesses. Eleni Georgiou started Greek Pre School music class Asterakia in January after giving up a career to spend more time with her young family. Eleni states, “I was very lucky that one of my friends shared the Sophia’s Diary page. Initially I got excited as being a mum myself I always had difficulties in finding activities for my own children. So having a site that is designed for social mums and kids made me very happy. I instantly contacted Sophia’s Diary in order to advertise through this wonderful site. In the next two weeks, Andrea came with her adorable Sophia to visit Asterakia. After writing and posting a wonderful review about the class I got 6 customers. After 7 months I could say that Sophia’s Diary brought me 20% of my customers. I am very grateful and honoured that I am a part of this wonderful idea!”

Sophia’s Diary also has a Disney Specialist Travel Agent on the website that is from Enfield too. There are only 40 in the UK.


Charities and Community Work

Sophia’s Diary works with numerous voluntary run and charity groups too. Listing playgroups such as MOSAIC in Enfield Town ensures mums can find more affordable groups, and this also provides more income for a local Church too. Andrea also works closely with NCT to inform users know about the extensive number of support and social groups offered, and events too.  We also liaise with School PTA’s to connect Sophia’s Diary businesses with their fundraising attempts.

Sophia’s Diary is currently promoting and supporting a Winter Wonderland Charity Event being organised in Southgate on Sunday 4th December. This is to help raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Event Organiser Irena Kyriacou states, “The website has helped me hugely, not only to advertise to parents, but to get more local businesses involved in my event. Without Sophia’s Diary’s help it wouldn’t have been possible”.


Sophia’s Diary is delighted to have helped many young families find activities, in addition to more revenue to for local businesses and, Charities and the Local Community.


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Sophia’s Diary Founder Andrea Krase with Godson Leon


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