Fly-tipping fines have been raised from £80 to £400 today (Friday 14th October) in a bid by Haringey to fight back against the anti-social environmental crime blighting the borough’s streets.

Increasing the Fixed Penalty Notice for fly-tipping to £400 with no early payment option reflects the severity of the offence of dumping unwanted waste in neighbourhoods. Fly-tipping costs Haringey taxpayers £3 million a year and affects the quality of life for our residents.

Cllr Peray Ahmet, Haringey’s Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“People are sick and tired of fly-tipping and its associated cost to our taxpayers are over £3 million a year. We’re working around the clock with our partners Veolia to make our streets cleaner and our new £400 fine sends a clear message that we are fighting back against fly-tippers.”

More information

Fly-tipping fine: In 2014/15 Haringey Council prosecuted 22 people for fly tipping offences, of which 18 resulted in a fine. Of these 18 fines, nine were between £200 and £500, with four of these below £200. We also issued more than 800 Fixed Penalty Notices for waste-related offences.

The cost of fly-tipping: Flytipping costs Haringey £3 million a year and local authorities in England spent nearly £50 million on removing 900,000 fly-tips in 2014/15, and a further £17.8 million was spent on enforcing.

A key priority of Haringey’s is to be a clean, well maintained borough – part of this is to improve the environment, particularly by reducing anti-social behaviour and environmental crime.

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