Following the Brexit vote many businesses wonder what’s in store for them after Brexit comes into effect. Well, local business group BNI Vision which includes many UK Cypriots has decided to take matters into its own hands and is going International, by connecting with their foreign counterparts, making sure to keep the relationship going.


On Friday 16th September, BNI Vision had the pleasure of welcoming to Enfield a BNI group from the second largest city in Lithuania, Kaunas, with the intention of building contacts within Europe.


Next up was Paris, France. BNI Vision members travelled to Paris to meet with the Proximite Chapter who are based in Courbevoie, the town Enfield is twinned with, helping to bolster ties with our closest neighbours


Two weeks later, another French Chapter came to visit Enfield.


With these overseas opportunities, Vision should generate £5,500,000 worth of business for its members and the local community, in the next twelve months, whilst at the same time helping the UK’s export drive. Money generated by Vision will go round the local community seven times, making a whopping total of £38,500,000.


BNI Vision is no stranger to being a good host, as during the last few years they have not only been visited by many local professional businesses but also by several leading members of the Government, including Michael Gove MP, David Burrowes MP, Nick De Bois MP and London MEP

Marina Yannadoudakis.


Whilst doing business is Vision’s primary focus, they are also keen to work within the local community,

entering a team for charity in the ‘It’s a Knockout’ tournament and various other social and sporting events. Vision also regularly supports two local nominated charities, The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre and Noah’s Ark Children’s Charity.

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