After the recent figures released by the European Statistical Service “Eurostat” on poverty, the European Commission subsequently published its report on the financial sustainability of health systems and long-term care, which has exposed the myth of the government’s supposed «success story», confirming the wretched reality caused by the austerity policies imposed.
The European Commission’s report confirms the inadequacy of social policy in Cyprus, given that the operation of social protection and care structures is pitiful. The government’s philosophy that income policy is equal to social policy cannot satisfy society’s needs, given that the percentage of those in poverty remains high even after the social benefits, since it amounts to 16.2%.
The overhyped “Minimum Guaranteed Income” has failed to meet the real needs of lower income strata. The report shows that Cyprus ranks among the lowest positions in relation to spending on long-term care. At a time when social care services need support, the government is tolerating homes and services disappearing. Furthermore, by applying a method it is attempting bit by bit to end their operation, paving the way for private interests.
The results of the austerity policies implemented over the last three and a half years by the Anastasiades government have seen the income gap between the rich and the poor grow and thousands of our fellow citizens driven to poverty.

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