Young Cypriot Anton Georgiou had the privilege to speak at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton this week second year running.

Anton was born in Brent in 1994, and lives with his mother Maria who is from Komi Kebir in Cyprus and two younger sisters, Chantel and Zoe.

He is currently an undergraduate student in London studying a BA in Global Politics and International Relations.

In 2014, Anton stood as a council candidate in his home ward of Dudden Hill. Along with his co-candidates, he ran a strong campaign, highlighting the neglect residents in the ward had suffered under the Brent Labour administration. Since the election, Anton has continued to work tirelessly for residents in Dudden Hill. He has set up with local people initiatives like, ‘Clean Up Neasden’, and spearheaded a successful campaign to “Save Community Shops’ in the ward. He is involved in a number of local residents groups.

He took an active role in the 2015 general election, campaigning across the capital, especially in Brent and in Hornsey and Wood Green.

Anton recently set up a community action group in response to the ongoing refugee crisis unfolding across Europe. BrentRefugeeAction aims to reach out, raise awareness and unite the community in Brent behind the need to do more for refugees. The group had its first fundraising event in December 2015, which was a huge success. The issue is very personal for Anton, as his grandparents, mother and two aunts are themselves refugees from Cyprus. He is a passionate advocate of the need for us all to do more for refugees – people in the most tragic and desperate situations. He spoke passionately at the 2015 Liberal Democrat Autumn conference, sharing his families own personal story, and has since appeared on BBC Newsnight and in the local media in Brent speaking out on this very issue.

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