Almost half of Cypriots live abroad as their total population is considered to be 1.2 million, with around 659,350 living on the island and another 511,000 living abroad, according to figures by the last population count in 2011 and the Statistical Service.
A total of 838,897 people live on the government-controlled side of the island according to 2011 data, however only 659,350 are Cypriots.
According to the Statistical Service, 179,547 of the 838,897 are foreign residents, with 62.6% being Europeans and 37.4% from third countries.
According to the Service for Overseas and Repatriated Cypriots of the Foreign Ministry Greek Cypriots permanently living abroad amount 511,000.
This increases the amount of Cypriots in the world to 1.170.350.
However the Foreign Ministry’s Service figures, do not come from population counts but from data from communities living abroad that include Cypriots of a second, third and fourth generation.
There are Cypriots living in many countries around the world including the US, Europe, Africa and Australia but some are not on the records so the total number of Cypriots is estimated at 1.3 million.
The largest Cypriot community abroad is found in the UK with 270,000 Cypriots living there permanently most of which are in London.
Then follows Australia with 85,000, South Africa and Greece with 45,000, the US with 30,000, Canada with 22,000, Africa with 5,000, New Zealand with 1,000 while 8,000 Cypriots live in other areas.
Also, some 315,000 Cypriots live in the EU, 86,000 in Australia, 52,000 in the US and 50,000 in Africa.
According to the Statistical Service’s population count, from the 179,547 foreign residents in Cyprus, 112,424 (62.6%) are from the EU, while the remaining 67,123 (37.4%) come from third countries.
The largest number of expatriates and foreign residents come from the EU, with 31,044 from Greece, 26,659 from Britain, 24,376 from Romania and 19,197 from Bulgaria.
Most third country nationals come from the Philippines, with 9,744 followed by 8,663 from Russia, 7,350 from Sri Lanka and 7,102 from Vietnam.
The town with the most foreigners is Paphos with 34.9%, followed by Limassol with 20.6%, Larnaca with 20.4%, Famagusta with 20.3% and Nicosia with 18.9%.
In Cyprus there are also more women than men with a 51.3% ration against 48.7% for men.

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