Sunday 20 November is Transgender Day of Remembrance, which honours the memory of people whose lives were lost in anti-transgender violence.

Islington Council recognises and respects the diversity of transgender experiences and is working to advance equality of opportunity and experience for transgender residents and staff. Transgender people have the right to equal treatment, protection from discrimination, and have the council’s full support.

In a joint statement, Cllrs Roulin Khondoker and John Woolf, Executive Members for Equalities, Culture and Inclusion, and Community Safety said: “We’re tirelessly working for a more equal and inclusive Islington, where we challenge inequality and hate in all its forms.

“We stand in solidarity with our transgender community. Our borough is a warm, open, and inclusive place to live, work, or study. We support all our residents of any sexuality and gender identity.

“We will not tolerate hate crime in any guise, and we support tough action against those who perpetrate hate and fear. We work with partners, the police and our communities so we can better understand where, when, and how hate crimes take place, so that we can tackle them together.”

There were 17 incidents of transgender hate crime reported in Islington between December 2020 – December 2021, an increase of 21% from the previous 12 months. Because of under-reporting of hate crime, the true number is likely to be higher. (Source: State of Equalities report 2022)

Tess Havers-Strong, chair of forum+, said: “On Transgender Day of Remembrance we remember the lives of those lost to transphobic violence and we send solidarity to all those affected by their loss. forum+ is proud to work with Islington Council to make a safer, more inclusive community and to support victims of transphobic hate crime.”

Locally, you can attend a forum+ event. As part of the forum+ commemoration of Transgender Day of Remembrance, their film club discussion group will be focussed on the ground-breaking trans drama ‘Rūrangi’. Book now.

The council is expanding the Safe Haven scheme, which lets people know when a place of refuge is nearby. The council also signposts victims to support services and promotes the Hate Crime Pledge for businesses and individuals. Islington Council works closely with partners at Forum+ and Islington’s Hate Crime Forum to collectively seek to encourage more reporting, raise awareness, support victims, and stamp out hate crime.

You can report hate crimes on our website. Reporting helps us and our partners to build up a greater understanding of hate crimes, where and how they occur, so we can tackle the underlying issues. Help and support when reporting is also available.

All residents and organisations within Islington can also sign our Hate Crime Pledge to show your support to all people in Islington and participate in ongoing efforts to reduce hate crime in the area.

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