The NATO 75th Anniversary Summit in Washington DC is a provocation for the peoples of the world who have suffered the wars, invasions, coups and terrorist activities of the Alliance over the years. NATO’s resume includes only crimes: wars and bloody interventions in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Eastern Europe, cooperation and collusion with dictatorships such as in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Turkey, the militarisation of international relations and the fomenting of regional conflicts.
Our country and people are among the victims of the NATO alliance, since the plans for the division of our country were drawn up in its offices, as were the twin crimes of the fascist coup d’état of the Greek junta and EOKA B and the barbaric Turkish invasion and occupation. A crime the consequences of which 50 years later the Cypriot people as a whole – Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots are still suffering. Turkey, an occupying power in Cyprus, but also in Syria and Iraq too, enjoys the immunity and full support of NATO.
Today, when humanity is faced with the threat of a generalised war and even a new nuclear disaster, it is confirmed that NATO has never been a defensive force for the peoples of its member states. It was and is a war machine that promotes the geopolitical and economic interests of the USA and its allies, but also a tool for multiplying the profits of the arms industries. The coupling of the EU with NATO – as reaffirmed in the “Strategic Agenda” adopted by the European Council last month – greatly increases the dangers for our continent.
AKEL has been and will be the force that consistently opposes the plans for Cyprus to join NATO and its branches because we stand for the vision of a truly free, independent and peaceful homeland,
not an aggressive launching pad for war.
In the face of the NATO fiesta, we join our voice with millions of people around the world who are demanding nuclear disarmament, the dismantling of NATO, the demilitarization of international relations, the respect for the UN Charter and international law, peace and justice.

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