The Cypria – (A minor retelling of the epic life of the semi-legendary Stasinus, lost poet of Cyprus), is a satirical play that explores the unrealised dreams of Stasinus, known as the ‘lost poet of Cyprus’. Set against the backdrop of 1970s London, and travelling all the way back to ancient Cyprus and Greece, this play explores the intergenerational effects of cultural and historical erasure through humour.

Elena Pavli was inspired to write The Cypria after stumbling across contradictory information about Stasinus whilst researching another project.
“I was researching The Iliad for a film I’m working on, and I started to become curious about the workings of ancient Cyprus, when I came across some academic papers about the poet Stasinus. The huge chasm between what academics know and don’t know about The Cypria, became almost comic to me. It inspired me to consider filling in the blanks for myself through a type of historical fiction. I was laughing to myself while considering the possibilities of who this man Stasinus might have been, and at the same time becoming strangely upset on his behalf! As a writer, I felt a real empathy for him, thinking about how painful it must be to have your authorship questioned by people who don’t even know you!”
“I was in talks with the Cypriot actress Lucy Chistofi Christy about creating a piece for her, and she encouraged me to continue with my research. What started as a monologue for Lucy has now developed into a full length play.”
The wonderful cast also includes actors Panos Savvides, Mark Xenophontos and comedian Alexia Pavli.
For Elena, her Greek Cypriot heritage is a source of joy and the root of her comic sensibility as a writer. While the events of 1974 resonate deeply for her and her family -( and particularly her grandmother Kyriacou Pavli who lost friends, family and horkanous) – it is important to note that this play is more comedy than tragedy.
In The Cypria, Elena has chosen to celebrate the tenacity of the Cypriot spirit through acerbic humour, whilst respecting the tragedy that many Cypriots hold in their hearts.
Previews of this play in the form of a staged reading, will take place on the 18-19th of July 2024 at Theatro Technis and were made possible with the generous support and encouragement of Marios Theocharous from The Cultural Section of The Cyprus High Commission.

The Cypria: Written and Directed by Elena Pavli

Cast: Lucy Christofi Christy, Panos Savvides, Mark Xenophontos, Alexia Pavli.

Cyprus Week, Theatro Technis, 18 July 7.30pm, 19th July 3pm (matinee) & 7.30pm.

Theatro Technis, 26 Crowndale Road, London NW1 1TT

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