Youth Dynamics organization is hosting in Cyprus from 6-14 July the youth exchange programme SKILLS UP for skills development. The programme, held at Pervolia, in Larnaca district, involves 60 young people aged 18-30 from six EU countries.

A press release issued by Youth Dynamics, said the participating countries are Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia.

The youth exchange is funded by the ERASMUS+ programme and will focus on the development of green, digital, interpersonal and communication skills. It is a unique opportunity for young people to develop and enrich their knowledge and skills in four important areas for the future.

It also aims to inform and train young people on modern procedures and soft skills which will equip them with the appropriate tools to help them find a job and provide the opportunity to present national priorities and procedures of each participating country related to the subject of youth unemployment. Participants will also discuss the similarities and differences and propose actions that could be used in order to improve the current system (for each country) and create an electronic tool to disseminate the acquired knowledge.

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