On Wednesday 26th June 2024, at the Cypriot Community Centre in Wood Green, the North Area Project ADDER and Metropolitan Police hosted a very successful event for all organisations and charities who are in involved in either prevention, reduction, disrup-tion or rehabilitation of drug dependent individuals

The event was centred on building awareness and sharing good practice information and networking through key speakers, demonstrations of different areas of drug reductions and enforcements, and the organisations that took part, had the opportunity to showcase the work they do in the community.
The aims of the event were to:
• Provide an environment to network, form partnerships, exchange knowledge and bring like-minded people from all around the two boroughs in order to strengthen connections.
• Offer a chance for relevant departments and organisations to promote their offerings and discuss the work undertaken in Enfield and Harin-gey.
• Offer an opportunity to discuss changes in approaches to drug addiction and see how others can support existing work.
Inspector Debbie Kneebone said: “Through Project ADDER the MPS are able to work closely and in collaboration with partners in tackling the drugs challenge, acting as a conduit into combating Drugs Partnership.
The aim of the ADDER Expo was to bring professionals together to fight the cause of substance misuse. It was fantastic to see such a variety of charities, organizations and key members of the community in attendance.”
Project ADDER (Addiction, Diversion, Disrup-tion, Enforcement and Recovery) operates at the intersection of drugs, local treatment services/ partners, policing, health and criminal justice. It consists of specialist police teams, working across all 32 boroughs, to better connect the local poli-cing teams with treatment services, health and criminal justice partners to deliver a joined up response to London’s drug challenges.
Project ADDER London seeks to target the illegal drug market, working in collaboration with key partners across health, local authorities, prisons, probation and 3rd sector organisations by reducing harm to individuals and communities, through treatment and recovery from addiction, and by reducing demand for drugs as well as the relentless and uncompromising pursuit of those at every level of the drugs supply chain.
Through Project ADDER, the MPS are able to work more closely with partners than ever before in tackling the drugs challenge, acting as a conduit into Combating Drugs Partnerships.
It is through these partnerships that local stakeholders are able to demonstrate the success possible by bringing enforcement, treatment and recovery efforts together to focus on areas of greatest need.
This sees police officers, drug treatment and recovery staff, housing officers, prison and probation officers, mental health service staff, youth offending staff, family key workers, employment support workers and teachers joining forces in a way that has never been done before, achieving more trust, less crime and higher standards both internally and externally.
Project ADDER has supported thousands of disruptions against criminal gangs selling drugs in England and Wales and helped thousands of people into drug treatment.

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