The participation rate in Sunday’s European elections in Cyprus was at 58.86%, according to a statement by the Chief Returning Officer, Elikkos Elia on the final result of the European Parliament elections.

According to the official results, the six seats of the European Parliament corresponding to the Republic of Cyprus are distributed as follows: two seats go to Democratic Rally (DISY) and one seat each to left wing AKEL, independent candidate, You Tuber, Fidias Panayiotou, to far-right ELAM and to DIKO. The official proclamation of the MEPs is to take place on Tuesday at 8:30 am local time at the Filoxenia Conference Centre in Nicosia.

The six seats, go to Loukas Fourlas (DISY), Michalis Hadjipantela (DISY), George Georgiou (AKEL), Fidias Panayiotou, Geadis Geadi (ELAM) and Costas Mavrides (DIKO).

According to Elia, based on the final results of the voting for the members of the European Parliament, of the 683,432 registered voters, 402,276 or 58.86% voted. Abstention was at 41.14%, which translates to 281,156 people. The majority of the ballot papers 368,455 or 91.59% were valid, while 8,450 (2.1%) were invalid and the blank ones were 25,371, (6.31%).

DISY received 91,316 votes (24.78%), AKEL – Left – Social Alliance received 79,163 votes (21.49%), Fidias Panayiotou received 71,330 votes (19.36%), ELAM 41,215 votes (11 .19%), DIKO 35,815 votes (9.72%), EDEK received 18,681 votes (5.07%), VOLT Cyprus received 10,777 votes (2.92%), DIPA received 7,988 votes (2.17%) , the Movement of Ecologists – Citizens’ Cooperation received 4,742 votes (1.29%), the Active Citizens-Movement of United Cypriot Hunters received 4,603 votes (1.25%), the Animal Party Cyprus received 1,013 votes (0.27%) , the Ethniki Drasis Movement received 979 votes (0.27%), Andronikos Zervides received 444 votes (0.12%) and the Niki party received 389 votes (0.11%).

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