What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?
Professional indemnity insurance protects your business if you are found to have provided poor services, bad advice or dicey design, which resulted in customers or others losing money.
If something goes wrong for a customer following your advice, professional indemnity insurance could help cover the costs of the legal fees, expenses, compensation and other costs incurred in your defence.

Who is Professional Indemnity Insurance for?
Anyone who provides advice or a service to customers. Professional indemnity insurance is useful for businesses and self-employed people who provide advice or a professional service to customers.
This normally includes professions like: Designers including web designers, graphic designers and interior designers, IT professionals including IT contractors, consultants, programmers and developers, management and business consultants including marketing, training and education consultants, technical engineers including CAD designers, project engineers and building services engineers.
Whether you are a contractor, freelancer, self-employed professional or run a limited company, professional indemnity insurance could help bolster you and your customers sense of security in your work.

Why does my business need Professional Indemnity Insurance?
No matter how skilled you are, no one’s perfect. Every business can be subject to a claim if your advice or services fail to meet a customer’s expectations. With three quarters of business owners saying they’re concerned about making mistakes, it’s clear that getting things wrong is a big worry for business owners.
Whether your business is accused of inappropriately handling sensitive client information or facing allegations of a copyright breach, professional indemnity insurance could help provide the additional peace of mind that many business owners are searching for. Not only that, but a professional indemnity policy could potentially help you win new business too – especially as some customers will only do business with you if you have the proper insurance in place.

How much Professional Indemnity Insurance cover should I consider for my business?
It depends on the type and size of your business you run.
The level of cover your business needs depends on the risks you face each day. You can tailor your insurance to exactly what you need, to insure your business against compensation payments and legal costs.

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