The Park View Road underpass is an important connection between Tottenham Hale and the Lee Valley Regional Park 🔄
The Colour Way project aims to transform the Underpass into a safer, more accessible and engaging route for pedestrians and cyclists, through physical improvements and art including:
🌈 Colorful & Vibrant Artworks: Brighten up the paths leading to the underpass with stunning art.
🚶 New Paving: Enjoy a smoother and safer walk with fresh paving.
🪜 Stepped Access: Convenient new steps from Park View Road.
💡 Underpass Lighting: Enhanced lighting for a brighter and safer underpass.
🧩 Tiling Repairs: Fixing up the tiles to keep the area looking great.
🌿 Soft Landscaping: Adding greenery for a touch of nature.
💧 Improved Drainage: Minimize flooding with better drainage solutions.
🛠️ Active Maintenance: Ongoing care to keep the area in top shape.
🤝 Community Collaboration: Working together with the community and partners to make it happen.
Works are due to commence around June, 2024.
Want to find out more? Join us at our pop-up event for a guided nature walk 👣 at Down Lane Park, Saturday 8 June, 11am, outside the Pavilion (in front of Living Under One Sun community cafe) 🙏

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