Statements by the General Secretary of AKEL S.Stefanou:
The election result will be assessed collectively without tendencies of introversion
10 June 2024, ‘Astra’ radio
The result of the elections will be assessed collectively and calmly without any tendencies of introversion, the General Secretary of AKEL stated on ‘Astra’ radio.
None of the objectives set during the pre-election campaign regarding the European elections to secure two seats and to increase the party’s share compared to the 2021 parliamentary elections were achieved, which is why the result of the European elections is a failure, Stefanos Stefanou stressed.
He made it clear that the effort to dynamically reintroduce the party on the political scene through the strengthening of its ties with society through the formation of the Social Alliance will continue.
S.Stefanou pointed out that the Social Alliance was victorious to a great extent in the local government elections as its members were elected to various positions. He stressed that the results in the local government elections should not be underestimated given AKEL elected nine AKEL Mayors and candidates who were either independent or were the choice of other parties.
At the same time, the General Secretary of AKEL noted the election of three of the five Presidents of District Organisations AKEL had supported, as well as the large number of Heads of Local Communities. At the same time, the Party emerged, he pointed out, stronger at the Municipal Council level.
The General Secretary of AKEL underlined that the phenomenon of [independent candidate] Phidias Panayiotou cannot be excluded from the equation of an analysis as yesterday there major upheaval took place in the political system.
He said that Panagiotou had a horizontal impact on the political system, as all parties lost percentages, noting however that this was a candidate who was elected without a political proposal/programme.

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