The President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, has called on citizens to participate massively in Sunday’s elections for members of the European Parliament and representatives of Local Government in Cyprus.

The President made the remarks after casting his vote at the First Primary School of Geroskipou, in Paphos district, accompanied by his wife Philippa Karsera Christodoulides.

Commenting on a journalist’s remark that he voted quickly, President Christodoulides said “I know what I want”, while asked if he voted for candidates for all positions, the President of the Republic said that “I voted for everyone, I had a specific opinion”.

The President on the Cypriot people to participate massively in the elections, which he described as very important as, as he said, their results will largely determine issues related to everyday life (local government) but also will elect the representatives of Cyprus in the European Parliament.

“Europe is for us the most important place, we want the European Parliament to have a strong say and role for all that is discussed and decided and which directly affects our country,” he noted, expressing again the hope for mass participation of voters, especially young people, in the electoral process, in a celebration of democracy. He said that the results of the elections will be fully respected, adding that on Monday a new day begins.

Invited to comment on claims that the new system of Local Government may not work, the President of the Republic said that a reform voted by the House of Representatives is before us and there may be problems. He added that what matters is “that we are ready to face these potential challenges, and if necessary we will make changes”.

“The message today is that Local Government with much increased responsibilities has an important role to play. Therefore, it affects each and every one of us and within this framework we should participate massively in the electoral process,” he added.

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