The Federation of Cyprus Communities and Organisations of Australia and New Zealand successfully concluded its 51st Annual Conference, marking a significant event after a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference, which began on Friday, May 24, was held at the Cyprus Community Club of NSW in Stanmore, Sydney.

This gathering also celebrated the commencement of the Annual Conference of the Pan Australian Co-Ordinating Committee of Justice for Cyprus and the NEPOMAK World Organisation for Young Overseas Cypriots.

Delegates from across Australia and NZ gathered to attend the 51st Annual Conference.

At the end of the conference, elections were held and the Federation’s key positions were announced. Michael Christodoulou AM was re-elected as President of the Federation, continuing his dedicated service to the community. Michael Christodoulides was elected as Alternate (Deputy) President, while Stephanie Demetriou has taken on the role of Secretary, and John Christou was appointed Treasurer.

Elections were also held for NEPOMAK (Youth) and PASEKA. The results were:


President: Andreas Nicolaou
Vice President: Eva Iannou
Secretary: Marie Trikas
NDCP Coordinator: Christo Krisaros
Treasurer: Stephan Chrysostomou
Social Media Coordinator: Zoe Christopher
AUSNZ reps NEPOMAK Global: William Panayis, Eva Ioannou, and Marie Trikas


President: Chris Koulinos
Alternate (Deputy) President:
Zac Chrisostomou
Secretary: Nectaria Volis
Treasurer: John Christou

The three-day conference featured a diverse array of speakers from across Australia and New Zealand, who addressed various aspects of the Cyprus issue. On Saturday, participants received detailed reports from the presidents and representatives of PASEKA and SEKA. The sessions included comprehensive discussions on the plans for the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, as well as an analysis of the current political climate in both Cyprus and Australia. Lobbying efforts for Cyprus within Australia were also a key topic of conversation.

The event provided a crucial platform for dialogue and collaboration among the Cypriot diaspora. It underscored the community’s commitment to addressing ongoing issues related to Cyprus and highlighted the importance of maintaining strong connections and support networks among Cypriots living abroad.

As the conference concluded, the reappointed and newly elected leaders expressed their gratitude and outlined their visions for the future. Their leadership promises to bring renewed vigor and focus to the Federation’s efforts in advocating for justice and unity for Cyprus.

“Our three-day conference was a huge success and every Cypriot Community has attended from all states and territories of Australian and from New Zealand,” Mr Christodoulou told The Greek Herald after the event.

“As re-elected President my priority is how to engage with younger members from our communities with the ultimate goal to transfer the leadership to them, as we have already started from this Conference. Another priority is the future direction and planning for our communities.

“For the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, all of our communities will commemorate in July with major events in all states and will be seeking support, assistance and cooperation from the Archdiocese, leaders and organisations including the wider Hellenic Community.”


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