The Mayor of Haringey, Cllr Sue Jameson, addressed members of our LGBTQ+ community and allies from our borough and at the council as she raised the Progress Pride flag at George Meehan House in Wood Green this morning (Monday 3 June 2024) for the start of Pride Month.
Progress Pride Flag-Raising Event Pic 1.
Addressing the assembled audience, Cllr Jameson said:

I’d like to welcome everyone today. It’s great to see so many people here for the beginning of Pride Month which tells us all it’s already June.

Haringey is an open and diverse borough, where everyone can be themselves. Last year, our Mayor was a young, openly gay man who, when he announced his engagement to his boyfriend, was publicly congratulated and cheered.

Pride to me means being free of having to question your position in everyday life. It’s normal to hear people freely refer to their same-sex spouse or partner.

Pride is a celebration of queer people and their culture and it’s a reminder of past times when LGBTQ+ people had to guard themselves.

Homosexuality was only decriminalised in 1967 in the UK, so I can just about say that I have lived my whole life where homosexuality is legal.

Sadly, there are still many people around the world who are not safe being homosexual. They live in fear of being shunned, of persecution or even death.

Haringey is a welcoming and inclusive place, where I see same-sex couples showing affection to one another on our streets and in our communities. It brightens my day seeing this, just as it does seeing fun, expressive outfits, freestyle and radical hairdos. My children all have a gay godparent and there are many differently-compiled families here in Haringey.

There is still work to do to ensure everyone can live without prejudice. Where we fall short, we should be corrected. Everyone, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, should feel welcome in our wonderful, green borough.

Now, in celebration of Pride Month, let’s raise the flag!

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