Firefighting authorities managed late on Friday to control a fire that started earlier in Agios Sylas, near the southern coastal city of Limassol, but remained alert throughout the night to avoid the risk of a possible reignition. Early on Saturday morning firefighting planes operated again to ensure that the fire has been put out. The fire affected 4-5 square kilometers, according to estimates with the Fire Service saying that the fire was set deliberately.

Strong firefighting forces remain at the fire front in Agios Sylas, to avoid the risk of rekindle, the Chief Fire Officer of the Fire Service, Nikos Longinos, told CNA on Saturday.

The fire that broke out at noon yesterday in the area of Agios Sylas in Limassol was set deliberately, said Longinos. A second fire that broke out last night in Agios Therapontas area is also attributed to arson, he added.

Due to the fire in Agios Sylas, a number of constructions and a farm with livestock were destroyed. Crops, trees and wild vegetation were also affected.

Members of the Police are investigating the circumstances under which the fire broke out and are already assessing evidence found in the area where the fire broke out.

Police is also investigating the circumstances under which the fire broke out in an area of Agios Therapontas in the Limassol district.

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