Komi Kebir Football club held its 35 year anniversary & player presentation event at Walker Cricket ground on Saturday 8th June 2024.

History- PAOK FC (K stood for Komi) were a founder member of KOPA in 1974 & in 1989 the committee took the decision to change the clubs name to Komi Kebir FC.

Within KOPA, Komi Kebir FC became known for their sportsmanship & values and were very well respected by all the other teams.

The club were also crowned KOPA champions in the 2020/21 season.

It was fantastic to see so

many people who have been a part of PAOK/Komi Kebir FC over the last 50yrs at this event.

Club chairman Mario Michael welcomed everyone and explained the clubs history and thanked previous PAOK/Komi  managers /players & committees.

He also thanked original sponsors Cypressa & the current & long standing sponsor Network Agencies.

Manager Andy Kyprianides shared his experiences of the season and made a point to outline to everyone present the tremendous characters in the squad who all represent the club with distinction.

The Komi Kebir player presentation awards for the 2024 season also took place on the evening and were as follows:

Anthony Georgiou- Top Scorer

Alex Georgiou- Players Player or the Season

Angelos Gjoka- Managers Player of the Season.

The club would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the evening. 

The future is bright-the future is Komi !!! 


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