t is very important that turnout in the Local Government elections for the Turkish occupied Municipalities increases, President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulides stressed here on Sunday, indicating that increased participation to the occupied Municipalities’ elections will send a message about “our desire to end the occupation and reunify Cyprus”.

In statements to the press, at Tsirio Gymnasium, in Limassol, where he accompanied his wife Filippa Karseras Christodoulides, who voted for the Turkish occupied Municipality of Famagusta and referring to the occupied Municipalities, President Christodoulides said that “it is very important that the participation rate is increased”, explaining that “among many other things, it also sends a message about our desire in practice to end the occupation, for the reunification of our homeland”.

At the same time, he expressed certainty that “the refugees will respond to this call”.

Asked if he will visit other cities or districts today, the President of the Republic said that he will return to Nicosia, to monitor the process and the results with some of his partners and that at some point tonight he will make a public statement about the elections.


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