The Deputy Ministry of Tourism introduces the “Historic Hotels of Cyprus” label in a bid to establish the basic characteristics that a hotel or tourist accommodation business must have in order to be classified as a “Historic Hotel”.

Deputy Ministry aims to improve the image of Cyprus as a tourist destination and to further promote and enrich the island’s tourist product, an announcement says.

It also aims to preserve the historical heritage of each place, highlight the historical course of the hotel industry and generally contribute to the development of the economy, architectural heritage and social welfare.

Natural or legal persons who manage hotels/tourist accommodation premises are allowed to apply for the label.

They must have a valid license and classification from the Deputy Ministry of Tourism or be covered by the provisions of the “Regulating the Establishment and Operation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations Law”.

Historic hotels constitute a unique category of accommodation with significant architectural and historical value. They are characterized by the age of their buildings, their architecture and their connection to specific events of the past and operate within buildings with architectural elements that reflect the design and trends of their time.

These units provide their customers with a glimpse into the past while offering modern facilities. The preservation of historic hotels not only serves tourism, but also contributes to the preservation of the historical and architectural heritage of the place.

The age of the main part of the building or part of the hotel building must be at least fifty years old and the basic architecture is representative of the period of its original construction, or the unit is able to present electronically or in a specific space her story.

Objects of historical importance such as furniture, decoration, works of art, heirlooms, audio-visual material, etc. will be exhibited in the hotel.

In a special section of the menu or in a separate menu of the hotel, there should be available dishes and drinks of historical importance (namely brandy sour, zivania, commandaria wine, other Cypriot wines, kolokasi, aphelia, koupepia, sheftalies, halloumi).

The label is given for three years during which all above requirements need to be met.

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