The recent half term break saw children and young people engage with a diverse range of activities across the borough.

One of the many highlights was an exceptional master class with a coach from Tottenham’s Women’s Team. Participants were given the chance to learn from the best, igniting their passion for football and inspiring the next generation of stars.

Residents also enjoyed energetic dance classes and thrilling roller-skating sessions. In addition to this, martial arts classes were available, empowering youngsters to stay active and develop coordination, discipline, and self-confidence.

Beyond the entertainment value, these activities offered invaluable opportunities for children to socialise with peers, acquire new skills, and create cherished memories. Each session fostered a sense of community and encouraged personal growth.

Haringey’s extensive holiday lineup catered to kids of all ages and interests – providing them with chance to keep moving as well as have a blast.

As we look ahead, the excitement continues with the upcoming summer holidays. Families can eagerly anticipate an exciting summer lineup that promises to keep kids entertained and engaged throughout their six-week long break.

Stay tuned for further updates on the upcoming summer programme and prepare for another season of unforgettable experiences and boundless opportunities for your little ones.

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