Alzheimer’s Heroes – Running for a cure

Every three minutes, dementia steals a happily ever after. Research is the only chance of changing the ending for people affected by Alzheimer’s.
Alzheimer’s Heroes, a platform dedicated to bringing people together to participate in fundraising and take action in the fight against Alzheimer’s, was founded by UK Cypriot George Sotiri who was inspired to run his first marathon in London in 2023, following the passing of his Dad, Andrew (aged 65), after a seven year battle with the disease.
“Witnessing someone as young as my father succumb to Alzheimer’s was devastating,” George said. “Beyond memory loss and confusion, Alzheimer’s brought simple challenges like the struggle to perform everyday tasks and communicate. Failing to recognise loved ones and the inability to express himself. Dad was my hero and slowly, we were losing him day by day.”
He added, “Alzheimer’s doesn’t discriminate by age, and Dad’s journey was a painful reminder that it can affect anyone, not just the elderly. It’s a stark reality that, despite being one of the biggest killers in the UK, there’s no cure in sight. Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) is tirelessly working to change that. With your support, we can fund ground-breaking research to find a cure and bring hope to countless families facing this heart-wrenching journey.”
The success of running the London Marathon resulted in George raising the highest amount for an ARUK runner that year, and showed him the power of community and the support of family and friends.
“The experience of running The London Marathon became a beacon of light in my darkest hour, illuminating a path forward amidst the shadows of grief. It showed me that even in the face of loss, there is hope to be found, strength to be gained, and love to be shared,” he said.
Alzheimer’s Heroes is more than just a name; it’s a call to action. Its mission is to empower individuals and communities to become champions in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease. If you are a primary caregiver or have a loved one who is suffering with, or has suffered from Alzheimer’s, or just passionate about making a difference, Alzheimer’s Heroes welcomes you with open arms.
Alongside George is a vibrant and supportive community of individuals united by a common purpose. They provide a safe space to share your stories, connect with others who understand your journey and find strength in solidarity. Through the platform, you’ll fundraise, raise awareness and inspire others to join in the campaign.
George has now set himself the challenge of running six marathons in six different countries in one year to help spread awareness for Alzheimer’s. He took on the first, the Edinburgh Marathon, on Sunday 26 May 2024 and will follow with marathons in Berlin in September, Larnaca in November, Paris and Barcelona in March 2025 and London in April 2025.
However, he is on a mission to do more than just run marathons, he wants to inspire real change and ignite a movement, which is why he launched Alzheimer’s Heroes.
“The drive to continue fundraising is fuelled by a stark reality I, a father of two, could find myself in my father’s position in two decades. With no cure currently available, my mission is clear: to be as proactive as possible in helping fundraise for ARUK to help find a cure,” he said.
George hopes to inspire more people to be physically and socially active as this could help decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
He said, “Alzheimer’s Heroes is a catalyst for change, it’s a movement fuelled by the power of community and the strength of collective action.
“Together, we’ll shine a light in the darkness of Alzheimer’s, inspiring hope, fostering resilience and ultimately, changing lives. We’ll turn compassion into action, hope into progress, and despair into triumph.”
By joining Alzheimer’s Heroes, you will:
* Participate and fundraise – join one of the events or take on your own challenge on behalf of Alzheimer’s Heroes.
* Raise Awareness – Alzheimer’s is a huge killer throughout the UK and is affecting more younger people all the time.
* Donate – a donation, no matter how big or small, is incredibly important and will fund ground-breaking and life-changing research.
* Share and Amplify – share the Alzheimer’s Heroes page – – with your network, friends and family and amplify the impact of the campaign by raising awareness and inspiring more people to join the cause.
For further information, please email [email protected] or follow Alzheimer’s Heroes on Instagram: @alzheimersheroes
You can also show your support by donating via
Join Alzheimer’s Heroes today and help change the course of history for the millions affected by this devastating disease.

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