Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Giorgos Koukoumas
AKEL-Left-Social Alliance: A force of assertion
We vote for both Europe and Cyprus
29 May 2024. AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
Every Cypriot and has the right to know what voting for the European political families – through the Cypriot parties – will mean for our country and its interests. In other words, how will tomorrow’s vote be translated in the European Parliament and how can it strengthen Cyprus by strengthening the Left and our own proposal for a different, peaceful and democratic Europe.
● AKEL and the European Left have repeatedly proposed the imposition of an arms embargo on Turkey for what it is committing against Cyprus and other states. In contrast, the political groups of the Right, social democracy and the extreme right have consistently voted against this proposal. After all, it is their own governments that are arming the occupying power Turkey. So who is worthy of the Cypriot people’s support?
● AKEL and the European Left have been asserting for years that refugees should be distributed across all member states according to their population and the capacities of each one. Not to have them all trapped in Cyprus and the rest of the Mediterranean south. In contrast, the European People’s Party and the European ultra-right not only disagree with what the Republic of Cyprus itself is demanding, but are the very forces that prevented this demand from being included in the new Asylum Pact. In other words, the parties that care so much about the migration issue can’t convince their political groups of Cyprus’ just demand.
● Finally, the notoriously big political groups – headed by the political group of right-wing DISY – are the ones promoting the abolition of the veto in decision-making in the Union, which will mean that small member states like our country will be silenced once and for all. In contrast, AKEL defends Cyprus’ voice in Europe, which is precisely why AKEL rejects outright and unquestioningly such policies that harm the interests of Cyprus and its people.
It’s now up to the Cypriot people.
We are in Europe not to applaud the EU’s ruling powers.
We are in Europe to assert, to defend Cyprus and its people.

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