AKEL: The creation of a national cancer institute
is imperative
25 May 2024, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
It is with great dismay that we have been informed by the media of the Finance Ministry’s intention to cancel the creation of the National Cancer Institute.
Improving detection, access to cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, education, research and quality of life for all those facing cancer are absolute top priorities for AKEL.
That’s precisely why we consider the creation of a complete National Cancer Centre that will align actions and set priorities, with the aim of reducing the number of cases and providing holistic care and services to patients as imperative. A centre that will be responsible for implementing the National Strategy, but also for what the European Cancer Strategy provides for in relation to the existence of integrated state oncology services.
We recall that the Government didn’t include in the annual state budget the establishment of the National Cancer Institute either. This reveals the lack of social sensitivity and planning in the health sector. The reactions of AKEL and society at the time forced the Government to reconsider its initial decision.
Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that the government has backed down. Even the 4,000 cases of cancer per year in our country are not enough to convince the Government of the need to implement this project. The government is content with wearing pink ribbons and speaking from podiums in November.
The blame-game that has become official government policy is causing a sense of insecurity within society. We call on the government to at long last take on its responsibility.
Due to the seriousness of the issue, AKEL is proceeding as soon as possible to register the matter for discussion in the relevant Parliamentary Committee.

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