Rebrain Greece Strategy was held in London on April 20th. The event, aiming to connect talents with leading enterprises through the Rebrain platform, was organised jointly by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and 12 large Greek organisations with a strong footprint in the economy. A coordinated synergy between the State, and the business world, was a first.
Dr. Konstantinos Agrapidas, Director General of Labour Relations, Health, Safety and Work Integration, opened the day highlighting current challenges and opportunities. The event was greatly influenced by his guidance and efforts as he was the pivotal power behind the mechanism’s establishment.
Domna Michaelidou, the Minister of Labour and Social Security, followed Mr Agrapidas speech via video link and highlighted that the repatriation of highly-skilled Greek workers to companies that constitute a critical and substantial percentage of the Gross National Product is a national issue. The Ministry’s aim is to address the skill shortage and to enhance productivity and competitiveness.
Her welcome remarks were followed by a keynote by the Ambassador of Greece to the United Kingdom, Mr Ioannis Tsaousis, who contributed to the success of the event by communicating through the Embassy’s platforms the purpose of the event to interested parties. Mr. Tsaousis pointed out that the Ministry’s initiative is embraced. He underlined how Greece is now a different place, a Greece that offers opportunities and possibilities and those who are thinking of returning now is the time to do so.
Mr Dimitris Panopoulos, Head of R&D for Labour Market Policies, gave a clear introduction and demonstration of the Rebrain Greece platform, its features and operations.
Each participating company, AAnG Holdings, Alpha Bank, Archirodon, Demo Pharma, OTE, EY Greece, Gek Terna, HelleniQ Energy, Lamda Development, PPC, ElvalHalcor, and Viochalco presented their operations, culture and opportunities in panel formats. Following the presentations, the interested parties had the chance to discuss during interviews with the HR Managers from their preferred organisations. The above companies provided stands in the event reception areas offering opportunity for further discussions. The interest expressed through the Rebrain Greece platform by Greeks in the United Kingdom amounted to 1,500 registrations, indicating the success of the event.
Common themes emerging throughout the day underlined how Greece is a completely different environment, economically, socially, and above all politically. The country’s political stability and political determination, economic growth, digital transformation in the public sector, and structural interventions, generate the suitable conditions for returning home. The current momentum is an unmissable opportunity to be part of a bigger change. The data of the Greek economy are constantly improving with upgrades from major rating agencies, and the country’s growth is the highest in the eurozone. Talent shortages in Greek companies as well as the need for modern skills that provide extroversion, and innovation were highlighted. Some of the most successful and active industries currently in Greece operate in pharma, real estate development, renewables, tech and banking, requiring talent in R&D, leadership, tech and specifically AI, management, consulting services and more.
The companies that took part in the event concentrate high investment value, with a combined turnover estimated at around 25 billion euros. 300 jobs were opened on the Rebrain Greece platform for the London event. The platform remains open to Greeks abroad as well as to those residing in Greece.
The number of potential employees exceeded 600 in attendance, indicating the great interest of Greek London diaspora to explore the current Greek labour market. The scale of the event demonstrated, in the most emphatic way, the need for Greek talent to meet leading Greek businesses and stay in touch with the developments in Greece.
Seamlessly organised by The Economist Impact Events for Greece, Cyprus, Malta, SE Europe, including excellent facilities, fantastic catering, and simultaneous translation for Greek and English to include all participants equally, the success of the event and the participants’ interest, push for the Rebrain Greece Strategy London event to become a permanent, annual institution.

Vasiliki Prestidge

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