Four people have been arrested in connection with two separate cases of stealing parked vehicles and damaging a vehicle and taking away property in Limassol and Larnaca respectively. The break ins happened in the space of less than a week,

In Limassol. a 64 year old man filed a complaint on May 17th that a van, parked outside his home, had been stolen over the past 24 hours. The vehicle contained a number of electrical and other tools. The car was located the next day at some distance from the man’s home in a different area of the city, with the tools taken.

A preliminary investigation pointed the CID to two men, aged 31 and 28, who were arrested on May 23rd and yesterday respectively and remanded in custody.

In the Larnaca case, a 64 year old man reported on May 22nd that 840 euro had been stolen from his vehicle in an open central area. The car was unlocked.

Evidence emerged against a 19 year and a 17 year old who were arrested yesterday and remanded in connection with the case.


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